Since 2011, European Year of Volunteering in Visegrad countries volunteering appears more and more fields, the enthusiasm of the volunteers is undiminished, meanwhile the financial struggle, everyday realities make the supporting institutions face diverse challenges. Despite the shared history, common traits in development the given answers, followed patterns might differ country to country letting the involved parties to share their beeps in line with the new trends.


Therefore our general goal is to build a virtual network in order to encourage the volunteering based development of society with increased participation, while promoting volunteering, opening new gates for joint development in v4 countries along the identified common interest and differences.


In the project V44V organizations in cooperation specialized in volunteering are observing the roots, development traits, current state of volunteering in order to conduct an online exhibition and conference to present their achievements to a broader publicity, meanwhile forming new partnerships around the main issues and a common charter for volunteering based society development reflecting to their shared realities and challenges encouraging further joint projects in the region.


We believe that in such cooperation the Policy Agenda for Volunteering in Europe formulated during the European Year of Volunteering 2011 can better customized to the needs of these countries and turned into practice due to the fully committed cooperation of the relevant partners.


The project is financed by the Visegrad Fund:


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